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Hey, I'd love to play this game! Unfortunately the page doesn't seem to have any download links.

Sorted :) Sorry about that!

Would you consider letting me buy the raw .love file? That would get you cross-platform support for free...

I like the concept, but as it is right now, the days pass by too quickly for me to make any headway. Since the amount of debt keeps piling up each day, each upgrade or park addition hurts. I can get a couple businesses and upgrades, but I can't make it past day 10.

Also, is there ever a need for more than one reservoir in a district? Water never seemed to decrease.

Thank you for your feedback!
My advice would be to make sure that you have enough money to make the next days payment before building any new blocks/upgrades. However, a couple of businesses shoud leave you in a good position by day 10. Are you building enough housing? Businesses don't make as much money without adequate housing because of a lack of workers.
Yes, multiple resevoirs are needed as your population increases. The population only increases with sufficient housing/jobs so again, lack of housing maybe? It is definitely win-able!
I've added an easy mode in the last update which will hopefully help getting a hang of the game!
Please feel free to email me with any other questions, hope this helped :)

Hello, friends! How to contact you by email or maybe on FaceBook? :)

Hi there,
You can email me at: Look forward to hearing from you!